Apne Dost Ko Kabu Karne Ka Upay-How To Control Your Lover/Friend

Apne dost ko Kabu Karne ka Upay
Apne dost ko Kabu Karne ka Upay

Friendships are born in a hundred of different ways,Finding a true friend is a blessing that goes down a long way.While we are all
fighting for our carrier,stressful lectures,difficult times,your friend has always been there for you.Whether it’s aa moment of celebration
or an unexpected situation,you can only rely on your friend on such matters.Your friend is the only one who you can share many things which
is hard for you to discuss within your family,friends shares the worst and best part of memories,a true friend is partner in crime,someone
who you can discuss your flaws with.Things seems possible when you have the right people standing by your side to support you.A true friend
share your smile and your pain with them,then one gives you comfort and provide you tips to attract a personn towards.Life beholds memories
and we have the most precious moments with our true friend,it hurts to lose a girlfriend but it is worse to lose a true friend.Losing a
friend is your biggest loss,it doesn’t matter if that friend is a girl or boy,but bondings are true to both.

When a friend is gone,involve in other social group or found new companions then creates disturbance in your life.Although everything is
smooth and stable,but that one situation creates panic inside you,when your friend stop listening to you,hardly pays attention to your words,
or value your existence,that moment is crucial and the whole world shatters down on you.
If you are facing the same situation,if your friend has been absurd towards you,if he/she do not value you anymore then stop being a watcher,
get up and act as we are here to help you control you friend’s thought,to mesmerize and him to realize your value,our black magic
specialist babji astrologer will shown you path and with spritual black spells you will be able to get back your friend once for all.
You will never ever need to face the same situation again,once you perform the rituals as per babaji,you life will take aa turn and
everything will go accordingly.Your friend will start being tunned to your language.Best solutions to your problem on a singe call

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Let us tell you a simple way to perform the method of controlling your friends

Note- This activity can only be performed in silence,at night.

Bring the following material to perform the task :-

1.Photo of your friend
2.3 piece of lemon
3.a black thread
4.Piper Betle leaf
5.White Cloth

First,put the lemon inside the white cloth and tie it up with a black thread.
Next,write the mantra which we will give you on backside of the photo.
After that,put 5 cloves on betle leaf and tie it up with the photo.
Then,put the tied photo with the lemons and chant the mantras for 14 times.
Finally leave the lemons under a tree between 9-12 pm at night.

While doing this practice you must not speak to anyone,be silent and be faithfyl.

After performing this,your friend will be under your control and will accept all your commands.

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